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Datasensing Contrast Photoelectric Sensor TL46-A-425 954601080


Contrast Photoelectric Sensor

TL46-A-425 = Contrast sensor with trimmer adjustment, White LED em. NPN M12
TL46 contrast sensor with RGB LEDs is available as TL46-W basic version, TL46-WL standard with bar graph, TL46-WLF enhanced with 4-digit display and TL46-WH with the most advanced functions and performance at market top level like 70 kHz operating frequency, very low 3us output jitter and color mark detection.

Additionally, the family has been enriched by IO-Link communication models TL46-WH (very high speed) and TL46-W (basic model) with very interesting and useful smart functions, multiple connectivity options, many job recipe settings and high detection stability even during IO-Link communication.

The TL46-WH is the model with the unique feature to detect mounting position and mechanical vibration for a correct and failsafe product installation and maintenance.

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