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SensorHaus: Your trusted company for your automation system needs

SensorHaus is a company that sells automation systems and industrial products. A wide range of sensors in different types, models and capacities according to their applications are offered by SensorHaus. Switching and Measuring Sensors, Products for Safety at Work, Barcode Reader, Encoder and Power Supply units are just a few of the goods and services offered by our company. We were founded by a group of experts with years of industry experience. We deliver cutting-edge technology and worldwide standards to deliver high-quality products and maximum customer satisfaction.


SensorHaus Offers Leuze Sensors

SensorHaus is proud to offer one of our brand partners, Leuze

Leuze Electronic is a world leader in innovative and efficient sensor solutions for industrial automation, with more than 50 years of expertise. Thanks to an extensive sales and service network, expert consulting services, and dependable client support, they have been the forerunners for innovations and technological milestones in industrial automation for decades.

It is a wonderful example of how perseverance and ambition can be rewarded. Today, it is a worldwide success story and symbolizes forward-thinking entrepreneurship as only a few businesses are capable of doing. It is no coincidence that Leuze is now regarded as a technology driver especially in Logistic field, operating in every developing market with subsidiaries and distributors all around the world.


Leuze Innovative Products


At SensorHaus, we offer Leuze safety-related sensors and components to meet all current industry standards. Leuze has always been at the forefront when it comes to innovations in the field of sensors and safety components. As a result, they offer an extensive product range that meets the latest safety requirements.

Leuze company has a comprehensive selection of sensors and accessories available in six different product categories for industrial automation. As a result, we are the ideal partner not just for simple, standard sensors but also for cutting-edge, high-tech solutions.



 SWITCHING SENSORS for proper switching signal

You will discover optoelectronic, ultrasonic, and inductive sensor solutions that generate a strong switching signal when an item is detected. Choose from a wide range of operating principles and designs.

MEASURING SENSORS for precise measurements through intelligent monitoring and control

The Leuze measuring sensors guarantee the highest accuracy and efficiency in industrial automation. Sensors may actively monitor distances, position system components, and other elements to intelligently and independently trigger actions in order to, for example, intervene in processes for control purposes. You will discover a wide range of technologies and designs here that will help you maintain your equipment as efficient and fault-free as possible.


We provide efficient safety standards as one of the technology leaders in the field of optoelectronic safety sensors for industrial automation.

IDENTIFICATION in automation bar codes facilitate communication

Bar codes, 2D codes, and RFID transponders are some of our specialties. It is complemented by other identification technologies, such as IDENT’s range of products that provide customers with tremendous flexibility. Our solutions ensure system dependability and availability. Explore our IDENT product collection.


The transmission of data or the connection of devices to a variety of diverse fieldbus environments is becoming increasingly essential, and it has a significant impact on your system’s simplicity and adaptability. Uncover connections ideas as well as universal configuration solutions that reveal unexpected efficiency potentials.


The use of industrial imaging processing will become increasingly common in our automated industrial environment. Even now, modern systems allow cameras to be utilized in a variety of applications, increasing the dependability and availability of your plant systems significantly. Take a look at some of our offerings.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT an automated control

Respect for resources and the efficient management of your resources is just as essential in automation technology as it is in any other field. That’s why we offer you a complete package that includes not only standard products but also intelligent, customized solutions based on your specific requirements and wishes and manufactured to meet or even exceed your high expectations.


SensorHaus is proud to be the Singapore authorized distributor of Leuze products. We are always available with expert advice if you need assistance with choosing your optimal sensor solution. Our experts have superior knowledge in the field, with extensive practical experience to ensure that you choose the product that is best suited for your application. We offer all this expertise with unbeatable customer service and support, ensuring that you are confident in your purchase and have everything you need to install and operate your new automation system. Feel free to choose from our wide range of sensors and electronics as well as any other product that may be necessary for you. You can purchase all your Leuze with us online by clicking here. Do not wait any longer and visit our website or contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our experts!