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SensorHaus Collaborates with Industry Leaders featuring Murrelektronik

SensorHaus is proud to offer Murrelektronik, one of our brand partners. Murrelektronik collaborates with industry leaders such as SensorHaus to develop customized solutions that give Murrelektronik’s customers improved flexibility in their automation processes.

Murrelektronik, a global leader in industrial automation, is teaming with industry leaders to develop customized solutions for the automotive industry. The company is continuously working on projects that will provide customers with the ability to integrate its products into their own software platform quickly and easily. This development will enable Murrelektronik’s customers to work more efficiently with their current hardware system, allowing them to stay at pace with changes in manufacturing processes.

We are happy to be able to offer Murrelektronik’s exceptional products because they enable our customers’ hardware systems to remain adaptable, efficient, and productive. This allows our customers’ engineers the ability to focus on designing their own software solutions rather than being limited by hardware limitations.

Murrelektronik has been in business since 1975, providing quality components for industrial applications across a range of industries including automotive technology, shipbuilding, diagnostic technology, and many more. Murrelektronik’s sensors and actuators are known for their dependability and high level of safety. Murrelektronik helps customers in industrial automation, robotics, safety technology, and renewable energy production move their projects forward through the use of customizable hardware solutions for industrial applications.

Optimizing the Manufacturing Process with Industrial Automation

Guaranteed Quality

Each of the production facilities around the world has the same high-quality manufacturing lines and processes. As a result, regardless of where you buy it, you will get a Murrelektronik product with the same exacting standard. The worldwide procurement system at Murrelektronik ensures that parts are available across our manufacturing and distribution sites – over 32,000 m2 of space throughout the world – so that you can get what you need when you need it.

We are driven to go farther with plant automation and equipment. We aim to make things easier, faster, and more profitable for our clients. From single components (e.g., power supplies) to complete zero-cabinet system installations, we provide bespoke solutions for our customers.

Product Range

Murrelektronik has a broad product line for electrical and electronic installation ideas, including from the cabinet to the field.

All components are designed down to the tiniest detail to ensure that they function with your current system as well as any other equipment you may have. nNo matter what your installation requirements are, we can help you create a system that works for you.

Cabinet Interface

Interfaces between the cabinet and the field are an important component of many installation concepts.

For quick connections, simple separations, and connecting diagnostic equipment, Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive range of components. The parts can be utilized interchangeably. The product line is complemented with power outlets in the cabinet as well as bright lighting elements.

I/O System

The I/O systems of Murrelektronik link the controls of a system to its actuators and sensors.

The requirements for I/O systems are significantly different. Some installations require many I/O connections to be bridged across great distances, whereas in others close proximity is required. The surroundings can be simple or difficult to navigate. Murrelektronik specializes in I/O equipment, ranging from practical distributor solutions to high-performance fieldbus systems.

Connection Technology

Murrelektronik sells a variety of electrical and electronic installation products.

Our items are meant to work together and with your current system. Our wide product portfolio allows you to put together a machine that meets your installation needs, whether it’s lowering costs or simply making it more efficient.

Murrelektronik is a major cordset maker, with an almost infinite number of cable colors and connection types.

The M8, M12, and valve connections are all pre-built with a variety of cable lengths. Integrated LED and suppression is also available. Adapters and T-couplers that aid in the installation are included. The torque wrench is an essential instrument for producing airtight connections.

At SensorHaus, we take pride in our partnerships with companies like Murrelektronik. We are proud to be an authorized distributor here in Singapore. The company is dedicated to providing customers across the globe with customized solutions for their automation processes and you can purchase one of its many Murrelektronik products from us here at SensorHaus today! Contact us today if this sounds fascinating and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. If you need any assistance selecting a product or finding out how it can be integrated into your system, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you soon!