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Sdkeli LSPDM-0327BP-M05

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LSPD mini safety laser scanner is based on two-dimensional optical scanning and ranging principle. It can provide a two dimensional detecting zone with range of 10m maximum radius and 270° angle.

The detecting zone includes protective area and warning area. The maximum radius of protective area is 3m and the dark object with reflectivity low to 1.8% can be detected reliably in this area; the maximum radius of warning area is 10m and the object with the reflectivity more than 20% can be detected reliably in this area.

When a person or an object enters the detecting zone, the scanner sends an alarm signal or a stop signal.

Users can set the detecting zone to any complex and irregular shape according to the site requirement.

Product composition

Consist of scanner, power cable, configuration cable and configuration software.


The performance can meet advanced level in the world. It meets safety requirement of IEC 61496 Type 3 and ISO 13849 PLd.

Fixed danger area guard

Entrance guard

Moving danger area guard


Company Information

Jining KeLi Photo-electronic Industrial Co.,Ltd belongs Laser Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences. We have been dedicated to research, promotion and application of photo-electronic protecting technology since 1990s. We are professional manufacturer of photo-electronic safety protection products, and the leader of photo-electronic safety technology in China. It is the leader unit of Electro-sensitive Equipment of National Technical Committee on Electrical Systems of Industrial Machinery of Standardization Administration. And We are the standard drafting team of GB4584-2007, GB/T19436.1, and GB/T19436.2. It is Shandong Technology Research Center for Photo-electronic Detection Security Control Project.
Leading products include photoelectric safety devices (security light curtains), safety relay modules and laser safety devices for bending machine, which are mainly used in metal forming machinery, pressure machines and bending machines to protect personal safety. Our products have been listed as the excellent promotion program of work safety scientific and technological achievements by State Administration of Work Safety.
Our quality system had been certified to ISO9001:1994 in 1998 and ISO9001:2008 in 2010. KS06 photoelectric safety devices have been awarded Safety Certificate IV, T4 series security light curtains have been certified to EU TUV, and laser safety devices for bending machine have been certified to SAFENET Safety IV Certification.