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Sdkeli LS2-0627BN/M05

Product Introduction: LS2 series lidar can achieve 270 ° range, radius of 20 meters two-dimensional area detection and contour scanning, with small and flexible, accurate and reliable, cost-effective and other characteristics, is the mobile robot obstacle avoidance, navigation ideal choice.

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Product features

1, pulse lidar, dimensions 62×64×84mm, convenient user integration
2, pulse TOF nanosecond narrow pulse technology, measurement is stable and reliable, a class of laser products, safe
for the human eye 3, scanning speed is super fast, 1 second can measure 25,000 times, single turn scanning time 40ms
4, industrial design, stable and reliable. IP65, dedicated temperature drift error elimination design, professional EMC design and harsh testing, ambient light and shock vibration and other tests
5, window removable design, convenient maintenance, reduce maintenance costs, improve product service life
6, up to 16 groups of definable detection area, detection area can be defined according to user needs as any complex, irregular shape

Introduction to the configuration of the defense zone

Typical wiring diagram

NPN output type  PNP output type

Qualification certificate