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Datasensing S3N-PR-2-M01-NL BGS NPN LIGHT CABLE 95B010322


All models with visible and bright red emission
LED and Laser emission models
Multiple Background suppression functions
Shiny and clear object detection
Single, Double trimmer & Push Button models
Diffuse proximity up to 100 cm
Background suppression up to 800 mm (LED trimmer version)
Polarized RRX 7 m (Red LED emission)
Polarized RRX 12 m (Red Laser emission)
Through-beam 20 m and Laser 30 m
Connection with 2 m Cable or M8 connector
Rugged IP67 Plastic miniature case
M3 threaded holes on the front side with metal inserts
State of the art IO-Link connectivity with extended Smart Tasks

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