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Sensorhaus: What We Offer

Sensorhaus is an authorized distributor in Singapore of Leuze Electronic products. Leuze Electronic has optoelectronic, ultrasonic, and inductive sensor solutions that generate a robust switching signal when an object is detected. You may choose from a variety of different operating principles and designs.


  • HRT 25B / HT 25C – Standard models (LED and laser)
  1. Leuze Diffuse Sensor With Background Suppression HT25CI/2N-M12 50134235
  2. Leuze Diffuse Sensor With Background Suppression HT25CI/4P-M12 50134231

Product information

The diffuse sensor with background suppression in red light, laser, or infrared can identify highly dark or structured surfaces with high accuracy. It has a large range and a high function reserve along with a quick response time. A particularly strong long-range model, such as for warehouse applications with operating range of more than 2 m, is also available.

Product advantages

-Universal application with M4 threaded sleeves and degree of protection IP69K

-Reliable with materials/surfaces having low reflectance

-Mechanical adjustment of range

-Background suppression with very small black or white error in a lot of light spot variants

-Additional status LEDs on the front side of the sensor

Energetic diffuse sensors

For simple detection tasks, a compact cubic diffuse sensor is the way to go. This sensor performs identification directly on an item without the need for a reflector.

  1. Leuze Energetic Diffuse Sensor Ft5.3/2n 50122576
  2. Leuze Energetic Diffuse Sensor Ft5.3/4p 50122573

Product Information

These red-light sensors in the tiny plastic casing allow for the detection of robust items, such as homogeneous or comparable objects, with ease. They are extremely adaptable to use due to their simple sensitivity control (object/background), which has two levels of teachability. These sensors include A²LS active ambient light suppression and easy alignment via a status LED.

Product Advantages

-Energetic diffuse reflection sensor with light/dark switching

-Range adjustment via teach-in

-Simple mounting with integrated M3 metal threaded sleeves

-Compact installation possible due to cable outlet at the rear or bottom

-Full control through green and yellow indicator LEDs and complementary outputs

-Robust plastic housing acc. to IP 67 for industrial application

-Infrared version for high colour independence


Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors

The 25B series with variants is suited for the reliable detection of stretch-wrapped pallets or very precise positioning in addition to conventional polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensors.

Leuze Photoelectric Sensor Prk25c/2n-M12 50134283

Product Information

The PRK 25B retro-reflective photoelectric sensor, which is the industry standard, guarantees high system availability even under extreme environmental conditions. Additional features, such as warning and activation, enhance process security further.


Product Advantages

-High system availability under extreme environmental conditions

-Additional functions, e.g. warning, activation, for increasing the process reliability


-Sensors for detecting transparent media

-They see what others don’t

-These retro-reflective photoelectric sensors are specially designed for the reliable detection of transparent bottles, glasses and foils. They offer a high-performance reserve and numerous technical features for efficient use.


PRK 25 / PRK 25C – Optimized for transparent objects

    1. Leuze Polarized Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Sensor Prk25c/4p-M12 50134279

Product Information

The PRK 25 retro-reflective photoelectric sensor, a single lens that is designed for accurate positioning and transparent materials (films, PET, glass) with specific applications in this field.


Product Advantages

-Particularly suited for highly transparent PET and glass bottles as well as films

-Easy adjustment via multiturn potentiometer or teach

-Automatic contamination compensation with tracking

-Models with switching threshold display via flash code


Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors

Compact retro-reflective photoelectric sensors for restricted spaces, such as on transport systems.

  1. Leuze Polarized Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Sensor Prk5/2n 50117707
  2. Leuze Polarized Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Sensor Prk5/4p 50117705

Product Information

The highly visible brightVision® light spot and the polarization filter, which ensures reliable reflection suppression and, together with the sensor’s high performance reserve, enables successful detection. In addition, beam geometry is optimized as well as the highly visible brilliantVision® light spot, making alignment easier.

Product Advantages

-Homogeneous light spot for safe switching behavior and easy alignment

-Safe suppression of direct reflection due to polarization filter

  • Double Sheet Monitoring

The Leuze electronic double sheet monitoring devices reliably keep multi-layer sheets from being drawn in. With machines that create stacks of paper and cardboard, scrap and damage are guaranteed to be avoided.

The systems function on the basis of different physical laws, allowing them to address almost all scope of applications.

  1. Leuze Ultrasonic Sensor Db 112 Up.1-20,2500 50109000

Product Information

When there isn’t much room, this helps with multi-layer paper and plastic sheets, as well as metal foils, thanks to the M12 ultrasonic sensor’s capability to discern multiple layers of paper and plastic.

Product Advantages

-Double sheet detection of paper, plastic and metal foils

-Measurement range 20 g/m² to 800 g/m² (homogeneous cardboard)

-Ultrasonic sensors in M12 cylindrical sensor housing, 20 mm housing length

-Very small sensor construction

-Indicator diodes for alignment and diagnostics

-Teach button


  1. Leuze Ultrasonic Sensors Db 18 Up.1-25,2500 50108998

Product Information

An M18 ultrasonic sensor can detect securely any multi-layer paper or plastic sheets, as well as metal foils.

Product Advantages

-Double sheet detection of paper, plastic and metal foils

-Measurement range 20 g/m² to 1,200 g/m² (homogeneous cardboard)

-Ultrasonic sensors in M18 cylindrical sensor housing

-Ultrasound models in 25 mm or 42 mm housing lengths

-Indicator diodes for alignment and diagnostics

-Teach button


Our team of experts are waiting to find out what you’re looking for. Whether it be a sensor that generates a robust switching signal when an object is detected or just general information about Leuze Electronic products and solutions, we can help you with your search. If there was one thing that has helped us grow our business in Singapore over the years, it would have to be the power of relationships built on trust and understanding each other’s needs. We hope this article satisfies any unanswered questions you may have had about these remarkable products from Leuze Electronic! You can purchase all your Leuze Electronics with us online by clicking here. Contact us today if there is anything else we could do for you at Sensorhaus!