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Pizzato Elettrica is a European manufacturer of position switches, microswitches and safety devices that has remained at the forefront in its field for over 50 years. Their foundations are built on three fundamental principles: their unique focus on customer needs; providing high-quality products with innovative design features to meet those specific demands; ensuring production efficiency by cutting down costs wherever possible so they can offer higher prices than other companies without sacrificing quality or service

The company's success stems not only from these values but also from how well they're executed which provides customers worldwide trust when purchasing goods through this internationally recognized brand name

Pizzato Passion for Quality

Pizzato Elettrica is passionate about product quality. They have a tendency to excellence, innovation and continuous development- these principles are what guides the company's daily work towards providing safe solutions for customers from around Italy!

Pizzato 100% MADE IN ITALY

Pizzato Elettrica products are designed, developed, and tested entirely at the company plant in Marostica. All of their manufacturing processes take place right here alongside one another so they can always provide customers with a comprehensive range of high-tech solutions that meet your specific needs."

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