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Datalogic, a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets has been providing innovative solutions for decades. With their extensive product line up including barcode readers that are perfect to use on any type of production line or work environment as well as mobile computers designed with specific needs at heart DataLAvg can provide you not only affordable hardware but also expert support during installation time!

As the world moves towards a more digital economy, Datalogic is constantly innovated to stay ahead of its competition. The company's cutting edge solutions help increase efficiency and quality in retail as well manufacturing industries along every step on value chain for transportation logistics & healthcare sectors without fail since over 40 years ago when they first started offering these important services!

Datalogic is a company that provides technological solutions for all of our needs. We sell products in supermarkets, airports and hospitals across the world through our extensive distribution channels which are why Datalogics guarantees their customers complete coverage on any market need they may have with an ultimate end result being decades worth expertise over time!

Datalogic is a company that has been creating cutting-edge technology for over fifty years. They have achieved unique results, like more than one thousand patents in multiple jurisdictions and ten research centers across five continents; thousands of prestigious partners deploying their products on every continent but North America as well as an extensive list of customers who include companies such Boeing or General Motors . The leadership's dedication to meeting customer needs ensures DATALOGIC will continue be innovators with solutions tailored just for you!

Datalogic Group is a world leader in automated logistics and data capture solutions with more than 3,000 employees worldwide. The company has manufacturing plants across 31 countries including 9 United States facilities as well as ones located throughout Europe and Asia Pacific regions such as China, Vietnam or Australia. It also operates 8 subsidiaries on Italian Stock Exchange under STAR segment: DATALOGIC SPA (since 2001), Logistics Software Developers AG ("L-SYS"), Services Center Srl., Digital BPM International Ltd.; Automated Systems Division -